Our Catio

Thanks to Cat and Caboodle we were able to quickly build this catio. Our cat Lazarus LOVES it and our new kitten Binx likes it too. It is on its 3rd year and still standing strong and looking great! Look at the post on this blog titled “From Cat and Caboodle” for complete instructions and tons of other submissions of other examples!


These are the cubes we found at Bed Bath and Beyond. They were $19.99 plus tax. We used 4 boxes to construct our catio plus tons and tons of zip ties. We also decided to use inexpensive carabiners to make access to the front panel easy.


My husband cut a scrap piece of plywood and installed a cat door in it. We only have it in the window when we are home. He added an old drawer pull on the inside at the top to make it easy to put in and take out of the window. It is now painted white to match our home.



Here are the rest of the views. The first picture below has snow, our cats go out in all kinds of weather so we give them access year round. This past summer we found a nice large pot of cat grass at a local nursery. He loved chewing on the long grass!

E0CD4360-1AC9-4B3E-A1D4-15CB383B16BE-2 IMG_1628-2 IMG_2298-2

The wood you see at the bottom was only added to make the entrance height match the window for access. We could have just set it right on the ground. My husband simply drilled holes and used the zip ties to attach to the base.


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