Camouflage for hiding!

I finally added the silk plant vines I bought on sale from Michaels to create a hiding spot the cats can still peek through. I just used the vines and some twist ties.  Binx attacked a few of them but they are holding up just fine so far!



Buy Nothing?

OK, so I do not know if any of you are familiar with the site but it is awesome and I just picked up some catio supplies yesterday! I lucked out and saw a post giving away the cube pieces and I jumped right on it! Here is what I picked up for free. Yes, you read that right. FREE. Seriously, join your neighborhood Buy Nothing on Facebook and you might be lucky in finding supplies too. You can also purge/get rid of items you no longer want or need that someone right in your community may need. So AWESOME. Anyway, here is a pic:


Catio parts from Buy Nothing


A good amount! We will be expanding our catio with these.