Will’s Catio

This is posted with a friends permission. We live in Snohomish County, Washington State and this catio was built by a local named Dean Smith – deansmith4@me.com. If you are interested, contact him for your own catio if you are not a “do-it-yourselfer”. Anyway, pretty cool catio construction. Will said he will be adding some cat furniture and such.



Donna’s Catio!

This post is from my friends at the Community Cat Coalition and is copied from Facebook. This is a beautiful catio and I was given permission to use the photos here for more ideas on building your own safe space for your cats. From the CCC page:


“Catios – they’re not just for summer you know!

When we featured Donna and her lovely family of ex-free roaming cats last spring, we mentioned her almost completed catio (her story here, though only 3 of her 4 babies were mentioned – a gross oversight, since her senior boy Jupiter also started out as a free roamer!) https://www.facebook.com/CommunityCatCoalitionWa/posts/710022702472393. Well, that catio was completed in time for some summer sunning by her pampered pets, and did they ever love it! 4 happy cats safely inside but not feeling trapped or confined – they have the world at their paw-tips. And as fall rolls in, they may not go out in the rain – but there are lots of days of no rain, and imagine the fun of playing in the snow for a bit! 🙂

Donna designed and built her own catio – she’s a woman with an eye for design, and having seen the catio in person we can guarantee it is sturdy! The netting is a plastic deer fencing, tough but super easy to work with. Take a look, and look also on Dawn M’s catioblog https://catioblog.wordpress.com/ – there are great tips for making your own catio there.

Catios – the perfect solution for all. The cats are happy – even those who were outdoor cats seem to relax and enjoy life inside, when they can have this taste of the great outdoors. The owners are happy – their cats are safe, not exposed to disease, predators, cars, poisons, ill-intentioned humans… safe cats, and healthier – less vet bills! The neighbors are happy – no cats pooping in their gardens, no cats fighting in the middle of the night, no cats walking on their cars… Animal Control is happy – fewer complaints to monitor, and the cats are safe. In fact – is there anyone who ISN’T happy about Catios? Make one today – you won’t be sorry!”