Another catio!

A reader contacted me and sent this message along with some photos and permission to post.

” I used your website for inspiration, and I’m grateful. I created a wonderful escape for my two cats- one who is blind and the other who has only one eye. They have been indoor cats their whole lives (10 years) and ALWAYS want to get outside. We have to limit their freedom, due to the obvious dangers. The window sill with a screen is just NOT fair. This new catio is just the right amount of space- even in the cold weather, even at night, even in the rain, our boys have been enjoying it every day. I’d love to share photos. please let me know how.

I live in CT, US.
I bought the wire storage shelves, a box for 6 cubes from Kmart – cheapest  I could find (still exist)
I used all your tricks and tips.
I agreed that the cats don’t need any height, so, on the ground level, it’s just two panels high.  (two because, when sitting, my cats are 17″ inches tall, and a panel is only 14″ high.
I used some old roofing material on the steps and on the “sun bed” so their feet don’t fall through the steps.  Figured it was waterproof, and, won’t mold, and should withstand the elements.
I was worried about it taking their weight (each cat is 14 pounds) but there seems to be no problem. And even the tallest part, at 5 panels, is not wobbly or anything.”


How awesome is this? Their blind kitties can now safely enjoy the outdoor area and fresh air and sun! Thank you for sharing Cjet!



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