Falls Church, VA

Kevin from Falls Church, VA contacted me with photos of his catio for his cat Pecan. The setup looks great and Pecan looks happy. Here is what he wrote:

“We’re in Falls Church, VA. For now I just layered some cardboard squares for her steps, but I’ve got some scrap carpet around so I might make it a little more comfortable. For access, we made a little swinging door on the bottom right panel – we used three zip ties on top so it can swing open, and while she’s in there we just lock it into the feet. Super easy!”

And in a follow up received today:

“I thought I’d provide an update on how the catio is going – best thing to ever enter our (or really just Pecan’s) lives!

The new morning ritual is as follows:
1) stand on my chest and nibble my hand to wake me up.
2) inhale some wet food
3) immediately run to the sliding door and meow
Even on chilly fall mornings like today (53F) she wants nothing more than to sit up on her perches and spy on the rest of the courtyard.
Sparrows like to nest and roost in some cut-outs along the wall where her enclosure is, so that keeps her occupied for a long time. Her other favorite are when the crows show up.
Had some leftover carpet and scrap wood from a project so we upgrade the platforms from the boring old cardboard that used to be there. Hung a few (still unused) toys from string, and here we are.
Still dreaming of ways to expand but I don’t think the leasing office would be too thrilled!
Anyway, thanks again for this resource – has really changed our lives.
Kevin, Amy, & Pecan”
Kevin, I love your morning ritual and it sounds somewhat familiar, at least the nibbling part to get the human to wake up and put food out.