Brandi from Iowa

I received an email last week from someone who had posted on the original website where these instructions were posted. I was not only thrilled to hear from another catio person but also thrilled to see this new catio she has built with access under the deck! Wow. How cool for the cats. Here is the message I received with a link to many pictures of the new setup:

“Hello – I was happy to see you repost the catio instructions from the old site that was taken down. I regularly refer friends to these instructions when they want a cheap and easy catio. I’m actually the “Brandi from Iowa” who had the smaller catio on a shelf on the side of my house that is pictured in the blog. I have since gained many more cats (13 to be exact and one foster). We moved and built our house, so I also upgraded our catio. Still using wire shelving, we built a bigger catio on top of our deck. I asked the builder to cut a hole in the deck and build a ramp so the cats could go under the deck as well. So, in a sense, they have a double decker catio. Feel free to check out the pics in my Catio Album on facebook – and use them on your blog if you wish:

What a dreamy place for her little stinkers!

Brandi from Iowa under the deck